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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Diary of a grumpy night shift working Christian

So once again I find myself on the night shift at work...and once again life seems to stop and the world passes me by...

The struggle
At the time of writing it's about 3pm I've not long got up... I've eaten too much and I'm watching rubbish daytime TV.... for the rest of the TV/dinner....then rinse and repeat for 7 days...

Night shift week always goes super quick, I don't have the will or the energy to be sociable or do anything much... I'm generally a little bit grumpy and not the easiest person to be around.

So where does this leave my Spiritual walk and life? Well like the rest of my life it feels like it's on a break. It takes a real effort to do anything other than vegetate in front of the TV...I almost feel like I've locked myself away for a week.

God isn't going anywhere!
What I'm reflecting on while I'm sat here though, is that God doesn't lock  Himself away...when I'm grumpy and grouchy God hasn't abandoned me or decided to avoid me... if anything it's the other way grouchiness doesn't stop God caring about me.

The only way I generally manage to stay in touch with people is on Facebook (speaking of which don't forget to like and share the Facebook page by clicking here) and as we all know that isn't the best way to build and maintain genuine relationships... Facebook is definitely no substitute for a real conversation...and that's the important thing...God obviously accepts and loves me despite my grumpy old self and tired, worn out night shift working self...I can talk to God when I'm feeling like this, I can even give God the occasional thought and remember Him occasionally in my grumpiness, but if I'm honest I know God doesn't want what's left of my time and some half hearted grumpy conversation...He wants my best. The best of my time, the best of my energy and the best of who I am.

God wants our best
I'm sure I'm not the only shift worker out there. This is an important message for anyone who struggles balancing shift work and life with faith and actually for anyone with busy lives who faces the same struggle to balance everything they've got going on..God needs to come first, He needs, wants and deserves the very best of who we are, our gifts, talents, time, energy etc.

All that being said...we are only human, there are going to be times when we don't feel our best, when we're tired and not the best of company, times when it's a struggle to get out of bed and actually do anything productive, and times when life is just passing us by. We're not always going to be the life and soul of the party...and actually that's ok...but don't make it a habit...if you're not careful life will really pass you by, you'll find yourself slipping away from people, even from God... although don't forget that although people might drift away from you...God won't...

For those stuck with a grumpy, grouchy night shift worker...please remember that shift workers need love too... don't forget us, and show us the little bit of grace we need and above all... don't let us get away with disappearing and letting life pass us by.

In every area of life, whatever it is that saps your energy and drains you, don't forget that God loves you, always and completely, He is patient with you, He will accept you and your prayers even when life is grinding you down, He hears you, love you, walk beside you, and lift you up...but that isn't an excuse to let life pass you by and not to do everything you can to give God the absolute best of who you are... because who you are is an amazing person. You have been created, developed, and equipped to continue to be an amazing person, you are someone who is absolutely loved by God, someone He is desperate to have a genuine and deep relationship with. You're His best friend, His favourite child... don't ever forget how amazing you are, don't let life pass you by stay close to God and always give Him the very best you can...even if the best at the time is a grumpy, grouchy night shift worker like me.

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